A Late Night Meeting

Shahdara – June 15, 2013

We visited the Lahore Museum in the afternoon. It had a number of ancient artifacts related to the history of the nation of Pakistan. It was quite interesting to get a better perspective of the Pakistan's diverse history. 

During the afternoon Emmanuel was finalizing the meetings we were going to have. I went with him to his home and stayed there while he and Harison traveled from place to place speaking to pastors about the upcoming seminars and meetings. 

The evening meeting I was to speak at started at 8:00. Emmanuel and Harison did not return home until about 8:45. We arrived a the church at 9:30. I got up to speak just before 10. When we left after 11 the meeting was still going on. 

After I finished speaking a number of people came to me for prayer. I'm sure we could have prayed more but Emmanuel was anxious to get me back to the hotel so I could prepare for the next day. 

The Muslim rickshaw driver who took us to church, when he found out who I was, refused to take payment for his services out of respect for me as a "man of God."