An Encouraging Phone Call

Kasur City – June 9, 2013

After our morning service in Bilal Town we traveled about an hour to Kasur city where we were to do an evening seminar. Having awakened at 3 in the morning I was beginning to get very tired. 

When we arrived, we were greeted with singing as people lined the road on both sides to greet us. We stopped at the door of the house we were entering and were presented with a garland. People continued to sing and threw flower petals over us to welcome us. After a prayer,we entered the home. Here we would have a meal and be taken to the church for the seminar. 

As we were relaxing in the home, Emmanuel received a phone call. When he finished the conversation he told me it was from a man he had never met. He had phoned to say that he had read my book, "If Your Brother Sins" and had been blessed. He asked Emmanuel if it was possible to get other books. The man was very surprised to hear that I was with Emmanuel at that very moment. 

The evening service was very hot but there were a number of people present. This church was in a more rural area and many were quite poor. Several times Emmanuel had to stop and speak to the people to get them to settle down. There seemed to be a general commotion going on during the entire service. The coordinators suggested that we cut the number of messages from 3 to 2 as a result. The challenge was to know how to reduce the material down. The Lord helped, however, and in the end I felt like I was able to communicate what was necessary. 

Before leaving, each person received a package of food to take home with them. From what I observed, this was a real blessing to many who attended