Flight To London

London, England (June 4, 2013)

On the morning of my departure I had coffee with Diane and left for the airport. My flight departed Sydney at 12:30 p.m. via Halifax and Toronto and arrived 17 hours later in London, England where I was to stay overnight. 

The London taxi wanted £24 to take me to the hotel but I was able to get a bus ticket that would take me to the hotel and back for a morning flight for £8.

When I arrived at customs in England, I noticed a family speaking to a customs officer. I overhead the officer telling them that they needed a visa to reach their final destination. The man explained to the customs officer that no one had told him that he needed such a visa. This was a very strong reminder of what happened to me when I traveled to India a few years ago. I found myself praying for this family. It also made me appreciate the visa stamped in my passport all the more.