"Now I Really Believe

Muridkay – June 11, 2013

As we left the hotel there was a windstorm that was blowing a lot of dust around. It also brought  rain and cooled things down a bit which was a welcome change from the 45 -47 degree temperature.  

We traveled about an hour to a community called Muridkay where there was a small church. This was part of a home again but people entered into a courtyard and directly into the church itself. 

I shared some insights from my book "More Than Conquerors" (Romans 8) at this meeting. I wasn't sure how well I was communicating but after I finished speaking two people stood up and shared. The first was a lady who said: "Now I really believe that Jesus did everything for me." The second was a man who said: "I read many times that God is for us but now I really understand." I thank the Lord that He made the truth known to these individuals. 

We also had the opportunity to distribute copies of my latest Urdu book to a select number of people at the close of the meeting.