Stolen Books

Gulshan Ravi, Pakistan – June 8, 2013

I had the morning and afternoon to rest and prepare for the evening. It is a challenge to get a sense of the Lord's leading for each session. The Lord seemed to place the subject of the Old Testament Tabernacle as a symbol of our spiritual walk on my mind. I committed this to Him and prepared to speak on this theme for three sessions.

Emmanuel hired a rickshaw driver to take him to the hotel to pick me up and take us both to the church for the seminar. On the way, the driver told him that he needed money for gas so Emmanuel paid him. The driver filled his tank with gas and continued to the hotel. Emmanuel left 35 copies of our Bible commentary in the rickshaw and told the driver to wait until I came down. He then went into the hotel lobby to wait for me. While he was in the lobby, the rickshaw driver left taking all our books with him. We had to hire another driver and go the seminar with no books to give away. 

Emmanuel told me that part of the cost for each seminar is to pay for a generator. Because of the electricity crisis in Pakistan they never know when power will go off and for how long it will be off. 

The church in Gulshan Ravi is in a home. Again a single room is dedicated to a church. We were able to minister to about 60 individuals at that meeting. Different people came up after with particular needs asking for prayer. We prayed for a number of people that evening. 

We had a clear sense that the Lord blessed the meeting for the encouragement of the believers.