Over the past 12 days we conducted 8 seminars and spoke at 5 other speaking engagements. I spoke 27 times in 13 locations and ministered to 1,400 people. We offered 560 meals free of charge to seminar participants and distributed between 300-350 books. We traveled by rickshaw, taxi, bus and motorcycle to these meetings. We prayed for the pastors in the churches where we met and a number of people came to us asking for prayer for a variety of illnesses and needs. An offering was taken at each of the seminars for an orphanage in Northern Pakistan. Participants contributed Rs.13,786. This will be enough to feed 10 orphans for a month. 

I sit in the airport at 2:30 in the morning waiting for a 12 hour flight to London a 4 a.m. I am tired but fulfilled. I have been blessed with protection, strength and far more opportunities to preach the word than I expected. For this I am thankful to the Lord.